Dover Sole à la Meunière

Dover Sole à la Meunière

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1 Sole, cleaned, from one of the Blue Island Fish Markets
250 g Lurpak butter
Juice of a lemon (50-60ml per fish) and 6 slices of lemon
4-5 tablespoons flour
1 1/2 tablespoons parsley, finely chopped
1 tablespoon capers, rinsed (optional)

Healthy Tip: Γνωρίζατε ότι τα ψάρια κάνουν καλό στα μάτια;

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Dover Sole à la Meunière

  • Main Course
Cooking Methods:
  • 30 λεπτά
  • Portions: 1
  • Δύσκολη




When purchasing the cleaned fish from one of the Blue Island Fish Markets, make sure to ask for the fish to be cleaned of the dark skin on the upper surface and to be filleted.

Put the butter on a low heat to melt and gently froth. Then remove from the heat, remove any white foam from the surface and strain the clear yellow liquid through a fine sieve, without the solid white milky parts.

Dry the dover sole, season to taste with salt and pepper, then cover them in flour, shaking off any excess flour that doesn’t stick to them.

Put one sole in an oblong frying pan big enough to hold the fish, put the butter on a medium heat and leave for about a minute to warm up. Place the sole in the pan, starting with the skinless side in contact with the butter, taking care not to allow hot butter to splash outside.

After three minutes, turn the fish using tongs, then again after another three minutes. Then, depending on the heat of the cooker, they may need another two minutes to be ready when lightly golden-brown. Remove the fish and put on a plate.

Next, add the lemon juice, lemon slices, salt and pepper while stirring well to blend in any bits of burnt flour still left in the pan because they are full of flavour. The longer the sauce is left, the more it thickens and also loses the intense lemon taste so after about a minute is the ideal time to remove from the heat.

Add the finely chopped parsley and capers to the pan, then pour over the fish.

Bon appétit!






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